it's the prospect of death that drives us to greatness. (x)

OH MY GOD I’M CRY. these amazing humans did a cosplay/acted-out version of my and the-wordbutler's science bros song “Science From the Heart

this makes me want to write the rest of the nonexistent avengers musical

edit: video by captainimaginary/supersushiproductions!!!

woohoo science bros!

SCIENCE FROM THE HEART now downloadable at soundcloud here wheeee! lyrics by the illustrious AmazonQueenKate. music and performance by meh.

Tony: “We can do science!”
Bruce: “No we can’t.”
Tony: “Science all the time!”
Bruce: “Uh, pretty sure we can’t … “
Tony: “We can do science!”
Bruce: “Are you listening?”
Tony: “With my money and your mind!”
Bruce: ” … clearly not.”
Tony: “And I know what you’re thinking.”
Bruce: “Mmm-hmm.”
Tony: “You’re thinking ‘where do we start?’”
Bruce: “No, I’m not.”
Tony: “We start with science—”
Bruce: “Yes, I get that.”
Tony: “—science from the heart!”

(rest of the lyrics are in the soundcloud description)

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